band photo with header "history"

Andi and Dave had the idea for the band "Demon's Halo" at a wild party in February 2012. The idea was about music with friends. The whole thing went more concrete and sober when Moni agreed. So we met occasionally and developed initial ideas. Because we seldom saw each other and had no room to make day noise, progress was rather slow.

When Christian joined we started seriously looking for a rehearsal room. In May 2013 we found one. We were finally able to test out our ideas and found out that we enjoyed playing together.

Bandfoto Andi Moni Dave Christian

Unfortunately it didn't work out so we looked for an other rehearsal room. We found one in early 2014 thanks to the "Klanglabor Potsdam" (sound lab Potsdam). However we were told that we only had the room until the end of April. From May we have been annoying the neighbours with noise from a new home in Babelsberg.

To be continued...